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The Fancy Bear Blog

The Fancy Bear Shop Coming Soon!

The Fancy Bear

The Fancy Bear Workshop has been super busy cranking out these beautious creations for The Fancy Bear Shop.  Until the shop opens all items are available for purchase at The Crafty Fox Shop in Forest Grove, Oregon.  Check them out if you're in the area! 


The Crafty Fox

The Fancy Bear

I'm so excited to share that The Crafty Fox is opening a holiday pop-up shop from October 15th thru December 23rd in Forest Grove, Oregon.  They are a retail shop and craft space featuring the work of designers and artists, including yours truly, The Fancy Bear.  Check them out online!


The Crafty Fox Shop Banner

DIY Halloween Marquee

The Fancy Bear

It's still August but stores are already selling Halloween decorations!  It got me in the spirit and I decided to get a head start on decorations.  This year, in addition to the regular ghoulish décor and jack-o-lanterns I decided to make a marquee that reads, "BOO," to put in the window so trick-or-treaters will know - THIS HOUSE HAS CANDY.  This project is inspired by and an adaptation of a DIY marquee from one of my fav DIY blogs,  Below is a materials/price list and step-by-step instructions.  I hope you have as much fun as I did!


  1. 12-inch paper mache letters from Joann Fabrics ($4.49/letter - I downloaded the Joann Fabrics coupon app on my phone at the counter and got a $2 discount)
  2. Exacto knife and straight edge
  3. Spray paint ($7.99 - I used Krylon brand Gloss spray in Pumpkin)
  4. 2 sets of Globe lights from Target ($12.99 ea.)
  5. Old bankers box or surface you don't care about to spray paint the letters in
  6. Drill or any tool you can use to make holes in the paper mache letters. 



  1. Cut off the face of each letter using an Exacto knife and straight edge as a guide.  I used a box cutter instead of an Exacto knife.  Whichever one you use - BE CAREFUL!
  2. Draw evenly spaced dots on the back of each letter (this is where the lights will be placed). 
  3. Use a 1/4 inch drill bit to make holes where you've marked dots.  
  4. Time to spray paint!  Do this outside.  Those fumes are no joke!  Make sure to check the direction of the wind so you don't end up with more paint on you than the letters!  I placed my letters face up in a box and spray painted them and it wasn't too messy. 
  5. Once your letters are dry it'll be time to attach your globe lights.   
  6. Plug in your globe lights, turn out your house lights.
  7. BOO! 

MISSING - Golden Unicorn

The Fancy Bear

Have you seen him?  My golden unicorn?  He was last seen at my neighbors' pool party lounging on the grass area wearing nothing but his birthday my dream.  He may be suffering from confusion or magical spells so please, if you spot him somewhere, do not dismiss him as just another crazy golden unicorn.  He is very special to my heart and must come home.  Please feel free to print the MISSING poster and put up in your neighborhood where bill posting is allowed.  Thank you in advance for you support!

MISSING Golden Unicorn.jpg

The Swimming Gorilla

The Fancy Bear

If you have seen a popcorn ceiling or a cloudy day, chances are you've seen dolphins, puppies, naked baby angels, faces of relatives, mythical creatures, etc. in that cluster of stucco or clouds.  Well, not a popcorn ceiling or clouds, but on the concrete floor of my loft, I saw a swimming gorilla.  Not a gorilla swimming but a swimming gorilla.  A MERMAN??? MERILLA?  I don't know the scientific term for this swimming gorilla so I will continue to refer to him as that.  What is certain is that this swimming gorilla absolutely had to be memorialized.  Who knows if such a magnificent creature will be spotted again in this lifetime?  So, I did it.  I memorialized him on a t-shirt. 

Baby Ryen rocking her "The Swimming Gorilla" onesie.  Lookin' fly, Ry! 

Baby Ryen rocking her "The Swimming Gorilla" onesie.  Lookin' fly, Ry! 


Homemade Ice Cream!

The Fancy Bear

This recipe is so easy to make and oh so delicious.  Below are instructions for vanilla flavored ice cream.  I also added two individual packets of instant coffee (Nescafe, Clasico) for coffee flavored ice cream and it was delicious.  If you decide to try coffee flavored, use the back of a spoon on the unopened packets of coffee to turn the grounds into a fine powder before adding it to the ice cream mixture.  Enjoy!


2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1 - 14oz. can sweetened, condensed milk


Mix the vanilla extract and condensed milk in a bowl and set aside

Use an electric mixer to whip the cream until stiff peaks form

Add the cream to the milk mixture a little at a time

Freeze at least six hours (better overnight) 


Mmm...vanilla ice cream recipe from Yahoo!

Mmm...vanilla ice cream recipe from Yahoo!


Happy 1st Birthday, Ryen!

The Fancy Bear

My BFF's little girl, Ryen, recently had her first trip to the zoo.  The zookeepers and animals really had to earn their dinners that night as Ryen was not easily amused by the same ish, different day antics the animals were up to that day.  Zebras speaking the international language of love, monkeys flinging poop..."WHATEVER," thought Ryen.  That is until she saw the okapis.  Apparently, it was love at first sight.  Laughing, waving, and squealing with joy at the okapis.  Well, if you ask me, Ryen should get everything she wants ever.  Of course, she should get to see her favorite animal from the zoo everyday.  Happy birthday, Sweetheart.  Your Auntie The Fancy Bear loves you to the moon and back.



The Fancy Bear

I don't know whether it's the wisest decision I've made in my life publishing this entry on a public blog but...I'm a superhero.  I have super strength and a sixth sense, a lot like "Spidey Sense" that alerts me to upcoming crimes that are about to go down.  My superpowers and I have a love-hate relationship because sometimes taking care of myself is hard but when the well-being of the universe is on my back at times I just want to scream.  But I'll save the rest of that for a therapy session.

One day I was on my way to meet some girlfriends for happy hour when my sixth sense tipped me off to some real bad stuff that was on the verge of taking off so I ran to the nearest public restroom to change into my superhero outfit.  Until today I've always wanted to keep my identity a secret in an attempt to lead a somewhat normal life.  I ran into the restroom stall and pulled out my tights and what a shock, those tights were huge!  With little to no time to worry about how I might look I put them on anyway and was shocked again because the tights actually fit.  I put on the rest of my superhero getup and as I was running out to the scene of the impending crime I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I WAS BEYONCE.  This was all a dream.


My Mom is a Magical Creature

The Fancy Bear

My mom is a magical creature.  No, really.  She's right up there with unicorns and mermaids.  The following is a true story.

My mom works in an educational/research facility that is home to a family of dolphins.  Over 90% of her colleagues are under the age of thirty.  My mom is a not-quite-5-foot, 95 pound senior citizen.  One day, that was just another day, one of her colleagues (let's call her Maude), a wife and mother of three, was at home vacuuming when for some unknown reason a shock of electricity went through the wall, the vacuum, then Maude.  Maude woke up in the hospital with Amnesia and didn't know her husband or children.  Who did she remember?  You guessed it.  My mom.  I'm happy to report that after seeing my mom in what should have been a familiar environment (work) Maude was able to regain her memory and is now living happily ever after. 

My mom is an unconditionally loving little lady.  Twenty something year old boys take her to Costco to treat her to pizza dinners because they adore her.  When an Employee of the Month was invited to a banquet held on behalf of each of the company's department's Employees of the Month she invited her mom and got permission to invite my mom as well.   

I'm happy everyday that this magical creature called my mom is mine.  It's nice that everyone around her loves her, too.